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    Jagriti Dabas, Siddham Gaur, Vikash Shivhare ( MSc-GeoInformatics, Class of 2013-15)


    "JSV Spatial Consultancy is all about perfect alignment between nature and technology because our world exists in space, works on technology and is because of nature. And the amalgam of these three words is what you call as GEOSPATIAL SERVICES. Working on the basic fundamentals of GIS and Remote sensing and integrating it into a multidisciplinary approach, we are providing solutions, services and related geospatial product for everything that exists in SPACE.

    Basically, our primary interest is to integrate our skills with natural resource management as we have had a work exposure with organizations like CSIR-NGRI, ASI, Airport Authority of India (AAI) , National Institute of Malaria Research (NIMR) , National Institute of Hydrology (NIH) , Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) wherein we worked on different domains like 3D modeling of Landscape and Aquifers,GPS surveying using GAGAN , network analysis, geostatistics, urban heat island, Land use/ Land cover dynamics etc.

    Starting from government agencies, NGO’s, corporates to normal end user who has a tendency to use Internet for every small need is our target customer. The main USP of our start up is that we are not restricted in one domain of geoinformatics. We are extended to each and every sector of society like utility management, smart city development, e- governance, aviation sector, precision agriculture, etc., are just few names. We don’t use geoinformatics as a tool but as a technology in order to make sustainable growth and development in which ever field it is applied, giving a whole new resonance to conventional problem solving methods."

    Satvik Manaktala ( MBA-BS, Class of 2012-14)

    Venture :JEEVAYU

    It is a healthy sipper which aims at good health for everybody because healthy living is the best way of living.

    We at Jeevayu deliver our customers a shot of healthy juice every morning. We make sure that each sip is absolutely fresh and hygienic.

    We are in expansion mode and soon coming up with organic milk and home delivery of fresh vegetables.

    Piyush Sohani , Koushik Y. ( MTech-REEM , Class of 2011-13)


    It is a social enterprise that identifies rural energy issues and solves them by developing products and services based on clean energy.


    Rohit Sadaphal ( MTech-UDM, Class of 2013-15)


    Eckonirmitee is a company working on

    A. Developing Carbon Capture, Sequestration and Storage products

    B. Climate Resilient Infrastructure Development in the areas of Water, Waste, Housing and Transportation in Draught prone Rural Maharashtra, Mumbai and Pune Metropolitan region.


    Devakshi Nayar ( MA-SDP, Class of 2011-13)


    About: retail products made by beneficiaries of NGO’s and social enterprises, or merchandise offered by them that contributes towards a social cause, be it products made by prison inmates, or merchandise by wildlife conservation trust, candles made at blind schools, or handicrafts made by villagers.


    Palak Aggarwal ( MA-SDP, Class of 2010-12)



    Alok Raj Gupta ( Msc-Economics, Class of 2009-11)

    Venture : ENVECOLOGIC

    ENVECOLOGIC is a new age energy and sustainability firm seeking to understand and propose solutions to the global challenges of energy crisis, global warming, climate change and fast depleting natural resources. In these times, where complex multi dimensional environmental problems are emerging everyday, we seek to provide you with customised and cost effective solutions which minimise the impact of these phenomena on business strategies and policies.

    Envecologic was born with a synthesis of "Environment" and "Economic Logic". We rely on our Thought Leadership, Research & Advisory and Workshop & Training capabilities to address the aforementioned challenges.


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