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    Doctoral Student Research Projects - TERI University
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    Doctoral Research

    The University doctoral programmes aim to provide outstanding students, who have the potential to become leaders in their chosen field, an opportunity to build independent research careers. The creation of knowledge and tools through scholarship, research, and invention is fundamental to the life of the University.

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    Total number of Doctoral Research : 126


    • Role of institutional interplay in the post-project sustainability of watershed development programmes: a case study in Kadwanchi, Maharashtra
      Student Name : Ms. Vrishali Ramkrishna Chaudhari
      Guide : Prof. Arabinda Mishra
      Year of completion : 2017
    • Role of small RNAs in plant-associated bacteria Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 under stress conditions
      Student Name : Ms. Vatsala Koul
      Guide : Dr Mandira Kochar
      Year of completion : 2017
    • Synthesis of culture with urban planning for sustainability of pilgrimage towns in India – case study of Vrindavan, Brajbhoomi, India
      Student Name : Mr. Anurag Varma
      Guide : Dr Shaleen Singhal
      Year of completion : 2017
    • Impact of environmental measures on export: a study of Indian Shrimp and Prawn exports
      Student Name : Ms. Savita Gautam
      Guide : Dr. Subir Sen
      Year of completion : 2016
    • A study of climatic processes affecting Cloud-Rainfall-Aerosol dynamics in Indian Coastal and Arid region
      Student Name : Ms. Priya Narayanan
      Guide : Dr. Kamna Sachdeva
      Year of completion : 2016


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