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    Management Development Programme on "Reporting Sustainability in Business"

    Venue : TERI School of Advanced Studies
    Date : 20-21 August 2018


    Sustainability reporting is the practice adopted by organizations for measuring, communicating, and being accountable to internal and external stakeholders for organizational performance towards the goal of sustainable development. "Sustainability reporting" is a broad term considered synonymous with others used to describe reporting on economic, environmental, and social impacts (e.g., triple bottom line, corporate responsibility reporting, etc.). As the stakeholders like government agencies, employees, investors, financial institutions, community, NGOs, consumers, etc., have become more demanding and demand for companies to disclose information on its social, environmental, and economic impacts is growing , it has become necessary for the companies to communicate and engage with all these stakeholders in the decision-process and hence sustainability reporting has emerged to be an important tool for stakeholder engagement and communication.

    This MDP is for Chief Sustainability Officers, CSR Heads, Finance Heads, and Strategic Planners, Analysts, Auditors, Asset Managers, and Consultants, Health/Safety/Environment Managers/ Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, and HR Managers, Managers in IT/ Legal/Marketing/Operations/ Supply Chain

    A set of five modules will be covered during the two-day programme. Through case studies and other practical exercise, this MDP aims to equip the participants with the sustainability standards, reporting formats, and the practices of Indian firms. The pedagogy consists of experience sharing by corporates who are already engaged in preparing sustainability reports, case discussion on international sustainability reporting stories, and lectures by in-house faculty. The participants will get hands-on experience of working with various tools and techniques, such as stakeholder engagement, indicator development, and reporting.

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    Management Development Programme on "Gender, Equity and Water Management"

    Venue : Hyderabad
    Date : 22-23 August 2018


    Gender mainstreaming has been part of the international discourse on Integrated Water Resource Management for many years. There have been several efforts and initiatives in making the water sector both more gender balanced and gender sensitive. However, critical challenges still remain to be addressed.

    This programme develops a good conceptual and theoretical understanding of gender, rights and equity issues among participants while providing them with exposure to the practical challenges in making the water sector more gender balanced and gender sensitive. The programme also aims to build capacities of participants with respect to gender equity by suggesting practical strategies to enable them to work for sustainable and gender sensitive management of water resources. The overall objective is to make the participants better informed and motivated to make changes within their overall sphere of influence as well as to emerge as stronger advocates for gender equity at a personal level.

    The programme comprises two days of intensive sessions. The pedagogy comprises lectures, case studies, short films, and group work to facilitate cross-learning and synthesis.

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