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Yogesh Gokhale
Adjunct Faculty,
Department of Natural Resources

Yogesh Gokhale is Principal Investigator of the project 'Strengthening the community based biodiversity conservation in India'. The project aims at documentation of sacred conservation practices in Himalayan state of Uttarakhand and explore the policy linkages of providing legal protection as Community Conserved Areas. It is supported by Ecosystem Grant Programme of IUCN, The Netherlands. For a consultancy from National Hydro Power Corporation on assessment of Net Present Value (NPV) of the forest resources, I conducted the evaluation of the forests with a historical perspective with respect to flows of the goods from forests diverted for hydro projects at Bhakra - Nangal (Punjab, Himachal Pradesh) and Uri (Jammu Kashmir). The work involved enumeration of forest stands, calculation of biomass and also assess the biodiversity. I am preparing monographs of the selected medicinal plant species (Syzygium cumini and Garcinia gummi-gutta out of total 10 species) based on the international monograph formats of like WHO as a part of the project from National Medicinal Plant Board. I am a team member of the project on demonstrating the Jatropha based bio-fuel production in Andhra Pradesh. I am part of the plantation team responsible for plantation and maintenance of the existing about 5000 hectares. I am team member in the Project between China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development and India Council for Sustainable Development where I am writing a chapter on Biodiversity and Traditional Knowledge in India. At TERI University I regularly guide the students of Master's programme in Natural Resource Management for their minor and major projects and also frequently lecture on issues of ecology and biodiversity. I researched for the Documentary Film - Reviving Faith. The film explores the importance of faith of the local communities in reviving the degraded ecosystems. I developed the management plan for the Samaspur Bird Sanctuary in the context of ecological sustainability. I co-ordinated the process of developing guidelines for national level Access and Benefit sharing mechanism for National Biodiversity Authority.




Educational Qualifications
  •  Ph D in Botany, Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai Univ., 2004

  •  M Sc in Botany, Bombay Natural History Society, Mumbai Univ., 1997

  •  B Sc in Botany, S P College, Pune Univ, 1995

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