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Malini Balakrishnan
Adjunct Faculty,
Department of Energy and Environment

Dr Balakrishnan's major interests are development and dissemination of environmentally sound technologies, with emphasis on membrane development and applications. She has directed various externally funded projects involving international consortia, as well as projects with industrial applications and is also active in developing and effecting technology transfer of membrane processes and products to industry. Dr Balakrishnan's research has evolved around (a) Microfiltration /ultrafiltration / pervaporation process development (b) new membrane materials (c) value-added utilization of wastes. Primarily, the work is targeted at providing solutions to specific problems with strong local relevance (e.g. advanced wastewater treatment) and is associated with addressing the concerns of major Indian industries (e.g. sugar factories for improved clarification in sugar production process, new applications of waste bagasse fly ash). The work on preparation and application of ceramic membranes from waste biomass fly ash is an example of making membranes more affordable for various solid-liquid and solid-gas separations. The research activities are primarily directed at users needs with doctoral and masters students concurrently contributing to advancing the state-of-the-art in these fields. She has over 90 publications in journals and conferences to her credit and four patents under processing.




Educational Qualifications
  •  Ph D in Biochemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, 1995

  •  M Sc in Chemical Engg, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 1988

  •  B Tech in Chemical Engg, Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani, 1982

Honors and Awards
  • Best paper in manufacturing, STAI (Sugar Technologists Association of India) annual convention, Agra (2000) "Improvement in clarified juice characteristics through ultrafiltration" with N C Sharma et al. and "Pilot trials on ultrafiltration of hot sugar cane juice ":" preliminary findings " Jaipur (2001) with S N Misra et al.
  • Second prize, Eighth Annual Conference of the Indian Environmental Association (ENVIROVISION 2005), Vadodara "Ash filters for membrane bioreactor applications" with Y Satyawali and V S Batra.
  • Best poster, Conference on Biotechnology for Sustainable Development, January 2008, Pune Membrane bioreactor equipped with low cost mesh filter: application for distillery wastewater with Y Satyawali.

Selected Publications
 Integrating electrolytic treatment and adsorption for the removal of melanoidins
Satyawali Y, Verstraete W, Balakrishnan M
CLEAN - Soil, Air, Water 38(4) 409-412,

 Membrane bioreactor (MBR) for wastewater treatment: Filtration performance evaluation of low cost polymeric and ceramic membranes
Tewari PK, Singh RK, Batra VS, Balakrishnan M
Separation and Purification Technology, 71 200-204,

 Ceramic membranes from waste bagasse flyash to clarify sugarcane juice
Balakrishnan M, Batra VS, Vashisht P, Singh M
International Sugar Journal 111 (1325) 318-322,

 Effect of PAC addition on sludge properties in an MBR treating high strength wastewater
Satyawali Y, Balakrishnan M
Water Research 43 1577-1588,

 Efficient water use in industries: cases from the Indian agro-based pulp & paper mills
Tewari PK, Batra VS, Balakrishnan M
Journal of Environmental Management 90 265-273,

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