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    Faculty - TERI University


    Dheeban Chakravarthi Kannan
    Adjunct Faculty,
    Department of Biotechnology

    Dheeban Chakravarthi Kannan is engaged in algal biofuel research. His focus areas are photobioreactor design, algal harvest methodology and algal growth/lipid optimization. He obtained his PhD in Chemical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University in 2009. Dheeban Chakravarthi has been in-charge of setting up an algal demonstration facility at the Gurgaon.

    TERI campus that houses a raceway pond, prototype photobioreactors and a tubular photobioreactor. He has previously been a Senior Research Engineer at the algal biofuel company, OriginOil in Los Angeles, USA. He was in-charge of the lab research in the company and had co-ordinated pilot-scale operations. He had developed a patented solid catalyst method for biodiesel production during his PhD research. He has publications on engineering aspects of algal biofuel, recovery of lipids from algae and his other research areas.




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