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    Faculty - TERI University


    Pallavi Somvanshi
    Assistant Professor,
    Department of Biotechnology

    Dr. Pallavi Somvanshi is a faculty member in the Masters programme of Biotechnology at TERI University. She has contributed towards designing and teaching core courses like Bioinformatics and Computational Biology I & II, apart from co-supervising the laboratory course to masters and pre-Phd students. Her research interest lies in the field of bioinformatics and mainly relates to analyzing the data to solve biological problems associated with both basic and applied aspects of research work. Her research group focuses on homology modeling, molecular docking, simulations and quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) for infectious, heredity and neural diseases. The main focus is in the chemical structures and it is quantitatively correlated with a well-defined process, viz. biological activity or chemical reactivity. Currently, she and her group is working on DNA protein interaction as how transcription factor interacts with any DNA and provides new information in the systems biology for constructing regulatory genetic networks. The intent of in silico research is to maximally exploit biological data available in biological databases.
    Pallavi?s group is involved in reconstructing new pathways in bacteria /Pichia for production of desired proteins, enzymes and useful products. The designing and optimizing virulence genes will be used in over expression in desired host. Generally the native genes cannot be produced in enough quantity so we cannot purify them easily. Therefore, the synthetic codon optimize genes will be develop to produce them in good concentration and easy to purify. In future, these will be a critical contribution towards production of vaccine and antigenic agents.
    She has more than 8 years of teaching and research experience. She has published more than 50 research articles in reputed journals and presented her work at various national and international conferences. Presently, she is supervising 5 Ph.D students and has an experience of successful supervision of more than 50 post graduate research students.




    Educational Qualifications
    •  Ph D in Bioinformatics, Gautam Buddh Technical University, Lucknow, 2009

    •  M Sc in Microbiology, Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture Technology Sciences, 2003

    Honors and Awards
    Research Fellowship by Rameshwardasji Birla Smarak Kosh, Mumbai, 2006-2007

    Fellowship (SRF/RA) by Indian Council of Medical Research, Govt. of India 2008-2011

    International Travel grant from Department of Science and Technology 2009, 2014 New Delhi

    Foreign Travel grant from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research 2010, New Delhi

    Travel grant from organizers of MIP-TEC being held at Basel, Switzerland in October, 2010

    Awarded Fast Track Proposal for Young Scientists Scheme from Department of Science and Technology 2013, New Delhi, India.

    Selected Publications
     Aspartate-?-semialdeyhyde dehydrogenase as a potential therapeutic target of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv: Evidence from in-silico elementary mode analysis of biological network model
    Khan S, Somvanshi P, Bhardwaj T,Mandal RK, Dar SA, Wahid M, Arshad J, Lohani M,Khan M, Areeshi MY, Haque S
    Journal of Cellular Biochemistry,

     Association of inflammatory bowel disease with arthritis: evidence from in silico gene expression patterns and network topological analysis
    Verma A, Somvanshi P, Haque S, Rathi B, Sharda S
    . Interdisciplinary Sciences: Computational Life sciences,

     In silico analysis of natural compounds targeting structural and nonstructural proteins of chikungunya virus
    Jain J, Kumari A, Somvanshi P, Grover A, Pai S, Sunil S
    F1000 Research,

     Mechanistic principles behind molecular mechanism of Rifampicin resistance in mutant RNA polymerase beta subunit of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
    A Singh, S Grover, S Sinha, M Das, P Somvanshi, A Grover
    Journal of Cellular Biochemistry,

     Pan-Genome Analysis of Clostridium botulinum reveals unique targets for drug developme
    Bhardwaj T and Somvanshi P


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