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    Faculty - TERI University


    Atul Kumar
    Department of Energy and Environment

    Dr Atul Kumar holds Master's degree in Physics from H.N.B. Garhwal University and Ph.D. in the area of Energy Policy and Planning from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi. His areas of research interest include Energy Technology Systems Analysis, Energy Modelling, Techno-economics of Renewable Energy Systems, Rural Energy Planning, etc.

    With over eighteen years of professional experience, Dr Kumar has led several studies on energy sector assessment, climate change mitigation, energy-economy-environment interaction modelling using various modelling and analytical tools etc. for numerous national and international agencies/organizations at various levels. These include Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Planning Commission of Government of India, UNDP, International Energy Agency (IEA) etc. His recent research includes leading a multi-disciplinary team for integration of energy technology, emission inventory, air quality, health impact and crop loss modelling for India.

    Dr Kumar served as the Prince Claus Chair Professor on Development and Equity at the Utrecht University, the Netherlands (2010-2012) and since 2013, he is a Visiting Professor of Energy System Analysis at the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development of Utrecht University.




    Educational Qualifications
    •  Ph D, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India, 2005

    •  M Sc in Physics, Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University, Srinagar (Garhwal), India, 1998

    Honors and Awards
    Holder of Prince Claus Chair Professor on Development and Equity (2010 -2012) at the Utrecht University, the Netherlands

    Selected Publications
     Air Pollutant Emissions Scenario for India
    Sharma, S., Kumar, A. (Eds)

     Measures to control air pollution in urban centres of India
    Sharma, S., Malik, J., Wilson S., Sehgal, M., Kumar, S., Zia, H., Mohan, I., Kumar, A.
    TERI Policy Brief,

     Selection of weather profile(s) for testing performance of SPV pumps in Indian climate,
    Yadav, Sastry, O.S., Bora, B., Kumar, M., Singh, R., Kumar, A., Prasad, B.
    Proceedings of 32nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference, 20-24 June 2016, Munich, Germany, pp 2523?2526,

     Sensitivity analysis of ground level ozone in India using WRF-CMAQ models
    Sharma, S., Chatani, S., Mahtta, R., Goel, A., Kumar, A.
    Atmospheric Environment. 131, 29?40,

     Emission inventory of non-methane volatile organic compounds from anthropogenic sources in India
    Sharma, S., Goel, A., Gupta, D., Kumar, A., Mishra, A., Kundu, S., Chatani, S., Klimont, Z.
    Atmospheric Environment. 102, 209?219,


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