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    Faculty - TERI University


    Jami Hossain
    Department of Energy and Environment

    Jami Hossain is a Mechanical Engineer with a bachelor's degree from NIT, Srinagar and Phd in Wind Energy from TERI University. He has 32 years of Industry and Research experience and is an acknowledged expert in Wind Energy. Dr. Hossain currently occupies the Technical Chair of the Bonn based, World Wind Energy Association and is known for having worked with a number of Renewable Energy Start-ups, which evolved into flourishing businesses. Some of them are - Enercon (India) Ltd., INOX and Windforce Management Services (Pvt) Ltd. He also has many years of Research Experience in wind energy with TERI and as a visiting scientist with Energy Research Unit, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK.




    Educational Qualifications
    •  Ph D, TERI University, 2012

    Selected Publications
    Hossain J

     WWEA Grid Integration Report
    Hossain J, et. Al

     Multi-peak Gaussian fit applicability to wind speed distribution
    Hossain J, S Sharma, Kishore VVN
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 34, 483-490,

     WWEA World Wind Resource Assessment Report
    Hossain J, et. al

     A GIS based assessment of potential for windfarms in India
    Hossain J, V Sinha, Kishore VVN
    Renewable Energy, Volume 36, Issue 12, Pages 3257-3267,


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