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    Health: Air pollution prevention and remedy
    DD News, 4 December 2017
    Health: Air pollution prevention and remedy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQC1xtWDjMQ&feature=youtu.be


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    9 November 2017 Aamane Saamane: Pradooshan Kee Chunautee ... DD News
    14 October 2017 Jaanane Ka Haq: Parv Ke Naam Par Pradushan Kyon ... DD News
    9 October 2017 Do Took: Parv Banaam Paryaavaran ... DD News
    2 May 2016 Total News Opinion Poll Odd or Even... Total TV News
    23 April 2016 Charcha Mein: Odd-Even Again... DD News

    Charcha Mein: Odd-Even Again
    DD News, 23 April 2016

    Dr Suresh Jain, HoD and Professor at the Department of Natural Resources, TERI University was a part of DD News programme, "Charcha Mein" discussing the problem of air pollution in Delhi with focus on Odd-Even scheme. Most of the people were of the opinion that this measure is not a permanent solution and could be used during emergency when air pollution levels are high. The experts recommended that there should be integrated policy and road-map to control the air pollution problem in most of the cities in India.   

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