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Department of Business and Sustainability

The Department of Business & Sustainability is committed to the cause of continued research in sustainability for business. The department, naturally, is interdisciplinary in its approach. Its mission is to provide experience and research based education that would equip the students to implement an integrated approach to business sustainability, so that the world we share thrives with a greener agenda. The department offers two masters programmes, MBA in Business Sustainability and MBA in Infrastructure. It also offers PhD programmes, both full-time and part-time, with the goal of capacity building in the area for the academic world and the industry. The department's areas of research include: economics of climate change, responsible investments, sustainability reporting, environmental accounting, green project financing and management, sustainable finance, carbon trading, accounting for sustainability, weather derivatives, infrastructure financing, business innovation, business strategy, international financial reporting standards (IFRS) and sustainability, green indices, environmental-social-governance issues and business, valuation of intangibles, eco-entrepreneurship and the like.

About Research in Department of Business & Sustainability

At the Department of Business and Sustainability, we believe it is our inherent duty to help businesses embrace sustainability at all levels. The sectoral focus of our research engagements is diverse i.e. on infrastructure, energy, textiles, mining, hospitality, agriculture and forestry, oil and gas and health. Through a dedicated team of twenty research scholars, the faculty is undertaking research in areas of business sustainability, CSR, Accounting and finance for sustainability, Greening of Supply Chains and other emerging issues. The faculty is engaged in both researches not only with corporates but also with multilateral organizations. At our Department, teaching in MBA programmes is deeply embedded around the research our faculty is engaged in and the findings of this research reach the classrooms in the form of business cases, practical modules, role playing and publications.

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