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Policy Studies

The Department of Policy Studies embraces the philosophy that policy level recommendations for sustainable development can follow only from rigorous research that engages with alternative strands/schools of thought across disciplines. The research agenda at the Department is advanced by its multi-disciplinary team of faculty members with specializations in anthropology, economics, management, development studies, sociology and demography. Their research interests, under the core theme of public policy, cuts across various aspects of ecology-economy-society interface. The research is taken forward primarily through various research projects, PhD programme and master’s dissertation.

No. of seats available of PhD admission in July 2019: 16 (tentative)

Openings under the PhD programmes:

The Department invites PhD applications on the following areas of research:

• Agrarian Studies
• Climate Policy
• Decentralization
• Demography and Public Health
• Development Studies
• Education and Development
• Energy and Climate nexus
• Energy Economics and Policy
• Energy Market and Regulations
• Environmental Anthropology
• Environment and Health
• Environmental Governance
• Environmental Valuation
• Environment-Development Conflict
• Gender Studies
• Governance and Institutional Analysis
• International Economics
• Intersection of Energy Technologies, Resources and Social Systems
• Microeconomic Theory and Applications
• Payment for ecosystem services
• Political Ecology
• Political Economy
• Population and Development
• Social Inequality, Exclusion and Development
• Valuation of ecosystem services
• Resource Economics


Admission will be made based on written tests and interview. A weightage of 70% to the written test and 30% to the performance in interview shall be given. Written test will have two papers of equal weightages (35% each). Paper I will be on 'Research Methodology' which will be a common paper for admission in all departments of the University. Paper II will be department/subject specific.

Syllabus for Paper II

The core theme of the PhD entrance examination will be Public Policy/Policy Studies from a multi-disciplinary perspective at the Department of Policy Studies (DoPS). More specifically, the topics/courses that are being covered at the DoPS, viz. MA in Sustainable Development Practice, MA in Public Policy and Sustainable Development and MSc in Economics (with specialization in Environment and Resource Economics) can be considered as areas that will be covered in the exam.

Pattern of examination for Paper II: A research paper from a journal is selected such that it is broadly in sync with the parent discipline of the faculty members of the Department, under the core theme, viz. Public Policy. The questions in this paper will be based on this research paper. Answers will be evaluated to assess candidate’s critical thinking, expression and to understand their ability to do research in an interdisciplinary way.

The research paper and sample question paper for Ph.D. entrance exam of the Department of Policy Studies can be seen in the following link. Click here

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Contact Dr. Shantanu De Roy ( or, Dr. Smriti Das ( for any query related to PhD admission in the Department of Policy Studies.

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