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    PhD in Policy Studies – TERI University
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    Ph.D. (Policy Studies)

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    Email Address: registrar@terisas.ac.in
    Phone Number: +91 11 71800222 (25 lines)

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    Admissions are open through the year. However, applications will be considered until 31 May and 31 October for admissions in the semesters commencing July and January each year. All students admitted to the Ph.D. programme are required to go through pre-Ph.D coursework which includes compulsory and other courses as recommended by the Student Research Committee (SRC). The period for the coursework would generally be two semesters (one year), but may extend. During this pre-Ph.D. programme, students will be exposed and orientated to the interdisciplinary nature of issues as well as to subjects relevant in general to research and specifically to the proposed area of research. They must develop a basic knowledge of economics, social science, policy and research methodology, in addition to a sound knowledge of the area relevant to their proposed research. After successfully completing the pre-Ph.D. courses and a comprehensive examination, students are registered for Ph.D.

    Selection process

    Admissions to the Ph.D programmes will follow the following sequence.

    (a) Short listing will be done by the department based on a shortlisting criteria which will include previous academic performance and the proposed area of research.
    (b) Short listed candidates will be asked to appear in a written test at the University
    (c) After the written test, the department would conduct an interview.

    It is compulsory that all Ph.D research scholars who register in the department of of Policy Studies, clear Philosophy of social sciences. Students need to register this course as a credit course.

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