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Business Sustainability

The Doctoral Program is intended to encourage meaningful research on issues that have a potential fallout on the sustainability of business. The research focus inter alia includes business management problems; sustainable business strategies; financing and management of infrastructure, business modeling for emerging markets, sustainability financing, environmental, social and governance factors in business, business ethics; corporate social responsibility and the like.
Admissions are open through the year. However, applications will be considered until 31 May and 31 October for admissions in the semesters commencing July and January each year.

1. No. of seats available of PhD admission in July 2019: 10

2. Preferred areas of research interest:

Corporate Social responsibility
Socially Responsible Businesses
Sustainability Reporting and Standards
Strategies for Sustainable Businesses
Responsible Management Education
Organizational Behavior, Change Management, leadership
Sustainable Health Systems
Building inclusive and Sustainable Supply Chains
Sustainable Finance


Admission will be made based on written tests and interview. A weightage of 70% to the written tests and 30% to the performance in interviews shall be given. Written test will have two papers of equal weightage. Paper I will be on ‘Research Methodology’ which will be a common paper for admission in all departments of the University. Paper II will be department/subject specific.

Syllabus for Paper II

Business Sustainability & CSR : Introduction to Sustainable Development, SDGs, Business Sustainability: Concept and Corporate Practices ,Reporting and Communicating Sustainability, , CSR, , strategies for sustainable businesses, Ethical and Responsible Business

Marketing Management: Marketing: theory and Concepts, 4P, Product and Brand Management, Consumer Behaviour, Market Research, Integrated marketing communication, Channel of distribution, Online Marketing, Societal Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, Supply Chain Management

Accounting and Finance: Introduction to Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Accounting Concepts and Principles, Financial Statement Analysis, Budgeting, Costing and Cost Sheet, Cost Volume Profit Analysis, Target Costing, Life Cycle Costing, Economic Value Added, etc.

General Management, OB & HR: Forms of Organizations, Functions of a Manager, Managerial Roles and Skills, Organization Culture, Structure, and Development, Change Management, Human Resource Planning and Management

Strategy: Industry Competition, Porter’s industry analysis, Resource based view of Corporation, Theory of core competency, Types of strategy: strategy Implementation

Method of Examination for Paper II:

The method focusses on assessing candidate’s critical thinking, expression and research abilities to conduct research in an interdisciplinary environment.

Two articles will be provided. The questions will be designed to assess the reading accuracy, analysis and interpretation, language comprehension and expression, background knowledge of the subject, summarization of the major ideas and ability to critique or challenge established ideas.

Eligibility criteria: - Minimum cut-off marks for admission is 60% with at least 50% marks in written tests.

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For queries

Contact Dr Sapna A. Narula, Associate Professor and Head, Deptt of Business and Sustainability for any query related to PhD admission in the Dept.

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