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    TERI SAS lays great emphasis on disseminating knowledge created by its research to a wide range of audience through its research papers authored by TERI SAS researchers for peer-reviewed journals, books, and conference proceedings and information briefs.

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    Total number of publications : 606


    • Determinants of respiratory and cardiovascular health impacts of traffic policemen: A perception based comparative analysis.
      Bajaj, N., Sharma, T., Suneja, D., Jain, S., Kumar, P.,, 2017
      Journal of Transport & Health

    • Environmental life cycle assessment of edible oils: A review of current knowledge and future research challenges
      Khatri, P., Jain, S.,, 2017
      Journal of Cleaner Production

    • Exposure to in-vehicle respirable particulate matter in passenger vehicles under different ventilation conditions and seasons
      Jain, S., 2017
      Journal of Sustainable Environment Research

    • Gender mainstreaming in local forest governance: analysing 25 years of research and policy in South Asia
      Niharika Tyagi and Smriti Das, 2017
      International Forestry Review

    • In silico analysis of natural compounds targeting structural and nonstructural proteins of chikungunya virus
      Jain J, Kumari A, Somvanshi P, Grover A, Pai S, Sunil S, 2017
      F1000 Research


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