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    TERI SAS lays great emphasis on disseminating knowledge created by its research to a wide range of audience through its research papers authored by TERI SAS researchers for peer-reviewed journals, books, and conference proceedings and information briefs.

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    Total number of publications : 606


    • Inequity in Utilization of Health Care Facilities in Urban India: An Application of Marginal Benefit Incidence Analysis
      Bose M., 2018
      International Journal of Health Sciences and Research

    • Non-tariff Barriers in Textiles: Incidence and Perceptions.
      Kavi Kumar K.S., Begum Z., Das S, 2018
      Kumar K. (eds) A Study of India"s Textile Exports and Environmental Regulations. Springer, Singapore

    • A cradle-to-gate assessment of environmental impacts for production of mustard oil using life cycle assessment approach.
      Khatri, P., Jain, S., Pandey, S.,, 2017
      Journal of Cleaner Production

    • A cross-sectional study of gender gap in health among older adults in India and China: similarities and disparities
      Anna Oksuzyan, Prashant Kumar Singh, Kaare Christensen & Domantas Jasilionis, 2017
      The Gerontologist (Oxford)

    • An empirical, integrated forest biomass monitoring system.
      Kennedy RE, Ohmann J, Gregory M, Roberts H, Yang Z, Bell DM, Kane V, Hughes MJ, Cohen W, Powell S, Neeti N et al., 2017
      Environmental Research Letters.


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