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    TERI SAS lays great emphasis on disseminating knowledge created by its research to a wide range of audience through its research papers authored by TERI SAS researchers for peer-reviewed journals, books, and conference proceedings and information briefs.

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    Total number of publications : 606


    • Indoor air quality in an air conditioned building in New Delhi & its relationship to ambient air quality.
      Prasad, R. K., Uma, R., Kansal, A., Gupta, S., Kumar, P., Saksena, S., 2002
      Jr. Indoor built Environment

    • Modelling Urban Vehicle Emissions
      Khare M and Sharma P, 2002
      WIT Press

    • Renewable energy technologies for domestic cooking in India: Estimation of CO2 emissions mitigation potential
      Purohit, P., Kumar, A., Kandpal, T.C., 2002
      Int. J. Ambient Energy 23, 127?135

    • Restriction-modification systems and chromosomal rearrangements in mycoplasmas
      Sitaraman R and Dybvig K, 2002
      Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of Mycoplasmas by Razin, S. and Hermann, R., eds.

    • Solid Waste management Strategies for India.
      Kansal A, 2002
      Indian Journal of Environment Protection


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