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M.Sc. Programmes

The students are provided exposure to real-life issues related to conservation, management, policies, economics of environment and natural resources, enabling them to understand and apply the interdisciplinary relationships to tackle various selected issues.

M.Sc. (ESRM)

The university is making efforts to place students of the M Sc. (Environmental Studies, Natural Resources Management and Water Resources Management) in suitable organizations for their summer internship; major projects as well as in jobs after obtaining their degrees. The Summer Internship (May - July) Programme aims to widen students' perspective by providing an exposure to real-life issues related to conservation, management, policy and economics of environment, and natural resources.  
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M.Sc. (Geoinformatics)

The students who complete M.Sc. (Geoinformatics) possess confidence and skills to attract a wide range of potential employers in public and private organizations. It also provides a structured route to doctoral research work.
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M.Sc. (CSP)

TERI University is preparing a new age cadre of professionals who could work with a holistic knowledge of climate science, public policy, and development issues, by offering a degree in M.Sc (Climate Science and Policy). The programme aims to train students to provide solutions to the problem of climate change and its management. We are currently looking at the academia, industry, and non-profit organizations for the placement of student batch due to pass out next summer.
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M.Sc. (Economics)

TERI University is pleased to announce that the third semester students of M.Sc. (Economics) (with specialization in environmental and resource economics) are in the job market. Our past students have been successfully placed in research organization and companies of repute. At the same time, our students in the first semester are looking forward to summer internship opportunities which will enable them to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situation. 
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M.Sc. (Plant Biotechnology)

The objective of the M.Sc. programme in Plant Biotechnology is to highlight the important role played by biotechnology in the modern society, and its relevance to the contemporary imperative of sustainable development. This is achieved through a combination of interdisciplinary curricula as well as intensive laboratory work. Graduates students in addition to the renowned research organisations figure the rewarding career in public and private sectors.
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Major Recruiters


Important Dates

  • On the job major projects: January-May 2016
  • Dates for recruitments: January-May 2016
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