Department of Regional Water Studies - TERI School of Advanced Studies

Department of Regional Water Studies


To create a cadre of water professional who are capable of providing systematic solution in order to enhance water security


Research: Undertake inter-disciplinary and cutting-edge research to explore practical and innovative sustainable solutions in water sector and inform policy level decision and opinions

Education: Provide quality education in Water Science and Governance which equips students to pursue diverse and challenging career

Outreach: Conduct multi-stakeholder Management Development Programme for greater impact.•Inputs to Government, Industries and GRIs

Learning Outcomes

  • Critical analysis of water issues from multidisciplinary perspective
  • Reflect on policy and governance challenges to manage water resources and conflict resolution
  • Provide technological solutions to water resources related problems
  • Ability to benchmark social and economic performance of interventions in water sector
  • Capability to simulate alternative “what-if” scenarios and identify appropriate interventions using modelling and geo-spatial technology

Head of Department

Prof. Arun Kansal

Dean (Research and Relationships)

"TERI University, India and a visiting Professor in `Natural Science at University of Derby, UK. He received his Ph D in Environmental Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi after completing his M.Tech and B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering.


  • 8 out of 11 projects led by the Department have international funding
  • Total amount of funded projects done by department in last 3 years amounts to approx. INR 5.15 crore
  • Projects have helped completion of 3 PhD, supported 8 Master’s student dissertation
  • Developed good working relationships with 9 international institutes and few Indian institutes through these projects
  • 12 out of 16 proposals submitted by department succeeded in securing funds

Outreach & Extensions

Collaborations and Linkages

International Speakers

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