Centre of Excellence inThermal Energy Storage

Supported by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India

About the Centre

Centre of Excellence in Thermal Energy Storage (CoE-TES) has been established under the FAST scheme of the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.

The objective of the centre is to become one of the leading research and education centres in the area of thermal energy storage. The centre envisages to work in basic and applied research including new material development, low and medium temperature application, sub-ambient and low temperature application. The centre also aims to develop market ready products to enhance the penetration of TES based systems in India and is engaged in collaboration with several industrial and research organizations.

Thermal energy storage finds its application in variety of areas – low temperature applications like refrigeration and air conditioning to high temperature application of improving the capacity factor of a solar thermal power plant. It provides the flexibility to the system to operate with intermittent sources of power. Thermal energy storage can be divided into three subgroups namely sensible, latent and thermo-chemical. The current research in the centre is focussed on latent heat storage systems for low and medium temperature applications (-20 oC top 200 oC).

Another objective of the centre is enhancing the human resource in thermal energy storage systems in the country through Ph.D., postdoctoral research and research based training to M.Tech students. The centre also conducts off campus and distant learning seminars/lectures.

Research Projects

  • Design, simulation and construction of a solar air dryer integrated with thermal energy storage for crop drying.
  • Efficiency enhancement of a solar photovoltaic panel by using phase change materials for temperature control
  • Thermo-physical characterization of phase change materials using differential scanning calorimetry, thermo-gravimetric analysis and thermal conductivity measurements
  • Integration of phase change material based thermal energy storage with solar powered DC refrigerator for offgrid applications
  • Feasibility study of mobile heat carrier using phase change material based thermal energy storage

Key Facilities

Differential Scanning calorimeter
(Make: Netzsch)

Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer
(Make: Netzsch)

Thermal conductivity meter
(Make: Linseis)

Objectives of the centre

Become the leading organization in the field of thermal energy storage research and development

Design and develop market ready thermal enegy storage based products and applications

Collaborate with national and international research instituions to develop new solutions based on TES

Make the centre financially sustainable by conducting externally funded research and development work

Human resource development through training and M.Tech, Ph.D. and post-doctoral research based work


  • Dr Atul Kumar Investigator, Department of Energy and Environment, TERI University

  • Mr Shirish Garud PI, Department of Energy and Environment, TERI University

  • Dr Som Mondal Co-PI, Department of Energy and Environemnt, TERI University

  • Abhinav Bhaskar Research Associate, Department of Energy and Environemnt, TERI University

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