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The start and end of anything is easy, it just happens, but what takes efforts is maintenance and keeping it going for a longer time. The Eco Club is an entity comprised of super motivated people who believe in making constant efforts to create impact related to climate change, environmental sustainability, social sustainability, and resource optimization. Our team took up new initiatives in the year 2019-2020 and maintained the dignity and integrity of Eco Club which has been passed on to us by our beloved seniors. The TERI SAS family has always extended a supportive hand towards our initiatives, especially during the quarantine period.


Our Vision is to create awareness on Environmental and Social Sustainability. Along with that, we aim to instil sustainable practices among the TERI SAS family including students, scholars, and various other stakeholders of the institution.


Educating and Inspiring Lives to inculcate a sense of sustainable habits and sustainable practices.


It gives me immense pleasure to be the Secretary of the Eco Club at TERI School of Advanced Studies, New Delhi. Eco Club has provided me a platform to showcase and improve the management skills. As a leader, I have always tried my best to lead my team in an effective and efficient manner so that Eco Club as an entity can reach better heights. The main aim, however, is to incorporate sustainability in whichever we can in all the activities we conduct. Me and my team come up with out of the box ideas to keep the Eco Club active at all times. This year, because of the unfortunate situation of COVI-19, it took us extra efforts to engage with the community. Environmental Sustainability is something which is better understood through experience and this year it was a challenge for us to take up activities and workshops. However, we managed to find interesting ways to aware and educate our TERI SAS family on different issues such as Climate Change, Sustainable Development Goals and its relevance during the COVID times, EIA Draft, Forest Fires in Jammu and Kashmir, etc. Change is the only constant and a leader needs to follow a holistic approach to cope up with the new normal.

Rajesh Kumar
Advisor, Eco Club
MBA Business Sustainability


We consider taking care of the TERI SAS family as an important thing. We cannot meet and talk because of the lockdown but we can definitely have chit-chat sessions over mails and other platforms. Mental health issues have been on rise during the lockdown period and honestly, people are not able to find an escape. We all need someone who can help us during our low times. Eco Club has been constantly making efforts to reach out to the TERI SAS family by offering a helping hand to those who need it.

We’ve also been posting some book suggestions so that people can read good books and keep themselves happy.
For us, social engagement and well-being is a priority.

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