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PhD in Energy and Environment Program Overview – TERI University
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Energy and Environment

The academic programme has been devised to provide a multidisciplinary and practical approach. The Department of Energy and Environment is engaged in research in the broad area of clean technologies to achieve energy efficiency and minimize adverse environmental impacts. The areas of research include renewable energy, energy conservation, energy engineering and environment engineering including technologies for waste management and process efficiency improvement. We require students interested in pursuing research leading to a PhD in the following broad areas:

Openings under the PhD programmes:

The Department invites PhD applications on the following areas of research:

• Thermal Energy Storage (Visit CoE-TES for more information)
• Membrane bioreactors for wastewater reclamation
• Fly ash based inorganic membranes
• Value added products from biomass (activated carbon, pyrolysis oils, nanomaterials)
• Membrane separation for upgrading the sugar manufacturing process
• Catalysts from waste (eg red mud)
• Power system analysis and optimization
• Integration of renewable energy sources to electric grid
• Green buildings
• Heat and mass transfer during drying
• Solar thermal
• Solar photovoltaic

Categories of admission

(a) Full time with assistantship/without assistantship
(b) Full time with NREF/UGC/ CSIR/ DBT/ other research scheme scholarship
(c) Sponsored
(d) Part-time

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