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Analyzing the “energy-efficiency gap”: an empirical analysis of the household sector in Delhi

Student name: Ms Kanupriya Bhardwaj
Guide: Dr Eshita Gupta
Year of completion: 2015
Host Organisation: TERI University

Abstract: The energy efficiency gap refers to the difference between the actual and the cost minimizing level of energy efficiency. The gap presents itself as an opportunity for saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This paper provides unprecedented evidence on existence of energy efficiency gap of hypothetical and economic potential at household level. It highlights various factors affecting consumer investment in energy efficient technology. This paper through a primary survey in Delhi-NCR, highlights the impact of awareness of energy efficiency and low cost energy conserving behaviour. It also emphasizes the importance of provision of information as it has the potential of considerably reducing the gap at low cost. Keywords: Energy Efficiency gap, hypothetical potential, economic potential, consumer awareness, air conditioner, Delhi NCR