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Publication Type: Journal Article
Author: Badsha Sarkar, Swarup Dutta, Prashant Kumar Singh


Vast stretches of India comes under meteorological drought this year or the other. A huge population base in rural India are rendered highly vulnerable to this drought because of their primary dependency on agriculture and in turn they may respond through temporary migration out of the drought affected rural areas in search of alternative livelihoods. This study aims to investigate the association between drought and temporary migration in rural India by fitting binary logistic regression models on a cross-sectional dataset involving both National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) 64th round data and India Meteorological Department (IMD) rainfall data. The paper also examines whether this association varies across the different socio-economic groups. Out of the total temporary migrants generated in rural India in the study period, 99.46% migrated internally and 67.12% were rural to urban migrants. The study finds that there is a positive association between drought instances and probability of a household to have at least one temporary migrant member in rural India (OR 1.64 with p<0.001) while controlling all other covariates. The study also concludes that the probability of temporary migration on account of drought is more severe among the socio-economically marginalised sections of the rural population compared to their better-off counterparts.