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Economic relation among intermediaries in fish marketing in Delhi

Student name: Mr Sayanta Ray Chaudhuri
Guide: Dr Shantanu De Roy
Year of completion: 2017
Host Organisation: TERI University

Abstract: High perishable nature of fish, poor storage and lack of government support makes it important to peek into the marketing system of fish. Although literatures on fish marketing system focuses on coastal areas and high fish producing zones, there is a lack of knowledge about the marketing process in a non-fish producing/low fish producing state. This paper analyses the marketing system prevalent in Delhi which includes finding out the intermediaries active in the process, their role and incentives available to them. Starting with the production process, fish were being transported to Gazipur Mandi (wholesale market) where it was auctioned among retailers. Three major retail markets identified were INA Market, C.R Park Market and Kalyanpuri Market. Price spread in these retail markets were derived and interpreted to check its synchronization with economic theory. Results derived regarding the market structure of all these markets interestingly did not follow the stylized theoretical aspects rather gives an idea about how market works in reality. The paper also highlights the importance of oral contracts and the role it plays in strengthening this entire process by solving informational asymmetry and transaction cost problem. In addition, focus has also been on the probable impact this marketing system have on fish as an open access resource. It shows how various existing arrangements within this system are being used to create disadvantageous situations resulting in harvesting pressure and unsustainable practices.

Key Words: marketing system, price spread, oral contracts, market structure