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Impact of tetra Pak extended producer responsibility towards the recycling behavior of consumers

Student name: Ms Anushka Saxena
Guide: Dr Kavita Sardana
Year of completion: 2021


Only 17.5% of the total waste generated in Haryana is recycled. It is important encourage the recycling behavior and significantly increase the amount of waste recycled. Extended Producer Responsibility which means putting the responsibility of collection and recycling of product after use on the producers, is in its infancy stage in India while there have been some voluntary initiatives by companies to organize take back of their products. This study aims to assess the role of the producer as an information provider and enabler of recycling of their product in influencing the recycling behavior of consumers. The recycling behavior is assessed through assessing the willingness to pay a certain amount for the establishment of collection centers which will lead to recycling of their products at the point of purchase of a beverage packaged in a carton using the Single Bounded Dichotomous Choice model of Contingent Valuation estimated using the Logistic Regression. This study is also assessing the role of attitudes towards Extended Producer Responsibility on the pro-environmental behavior which is the recycling of the product. This study has undertaken a pilot stage for pre-testing the questionnaire before it was rolled out on a larger scale. The study has been conducted in four tehsils of Gurgaon district. The Stratified Random Sampling technique was used. Circle Rate was the basis of stratification of the population of these four tehsils into groups known as strata. The Logistic Regression brings out that the model is statistically significant. The Expected Value of the willingness to pay for establishment of collection centers is Rs 10.15. The variables on awareness regarding the benefits of recycling cartons, knowledge regarding voluntary Extended Producer Responsibility initiatives and attitude towards extended producer responsibility have been found to be jointly significant. This study brings out the importance of awareness regarding benefits of recycling cartons and the need to implement legislature on Extended Producer Responsibility.