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Development of web-based prototype on agriculture and supporting natural resources of India

Student name: Ms Riya Ghosh
Guide: Dr Vinay Shankar Prasad Sinha
Year of completion: 2021
Host Organisation: The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi
Supervisor (Host Organisation): Mr Dharmesh Kumar Singh

Agriculture is said to be the backbone of our Indian economy. In India, 70% is been considered to be dependent on agriculture whereas its contribution to GDP is approx. 19% and plays a vital role for employment in the rural sector. This paper is to initiate the awareness of agriculture in day to day lives of employers. Agricultural technology on Web-Prototype is the main motive which helps in accurate information about crop production & its area, soil type & its nutrient, water resources, fertilizer consumption yearly as well as the exports and imports. In this way, the population engaged in this sector can directly get first-hand information and can keep pace with the prices related to crop and their commodities. The designation and its attendant of agriculture on Web-Prototype benefits contribute to the exposure of the crop production & its area. In this work, a major attempt has been made to draw the attention towards accuracy rate of production, area, consumption for the development of an economy. The Vast population is dependent on agriculture for their survival; hence the knowledge of prototype will increase the interest and more involvement in this sector which may lead to better economic benefits and development. After achieving the data on web-prototype, we can also predict future usage, consumption and production that would result in validation and better predicting the transition of urban and rural pattern with the agricultural development.

Keywords: Agriculture, Web-based Prototype, Commodity, Fertilizer, Production.