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Water Science and Governance

Department of Regional Water Studies at the TERI School of Advanced Studies offers both full time and part time PhD programmes in Water Science and Governance. Over the years, there has been growing pressure on the water systems leading to precarious balance between various competing uses of water. Rapid population growth and climate change has further added to water woes and conflicts at all levels. There is a growing consensus among the stakeholders to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to sustainable water management. The change management however requires an in-depth understanding of complex water-related issues through basic as well as applied research to influence the decision maker and planners.

Students admitted to the PhD programme are required to go through coursework for one year. During this pre-PhD programme, students are exposed and orientated to the interdisciplinary nature of issues in the water sector. They must develop a basic knowledge of economics, social science, policy and research methodology in addition to a sound knowledge of ecological/environmental science. After successfully completing their pre-PhD courses, students are registered for PhD

Admissions are open throughout the year. However, applications will be considered until 31 May and 31 October for admissions in the semesters commencing July and January each year.

1. No. of seats available for PhD admission in July 2019: 04

2.Preferred areas of research interest:

Climate change, gender, institutions and governance
Urban and peri-urban water in a changing climate
Climate change and agrarian distress
Artificial Intelligence applications in Water resource management


Admission will be made based on written tests and interview. A weightage 70% to the written tests and 30% to the performance in interviews shall be given. Written test will have two papers of equal weightage. Paper I will be on 'Research Methodology' which will be a common paper for admission in all departments of the University. Paper II will be department/subject specific.

Syllabus for Paper II

Water and Society, Integrated water resources management, water and disaster, water supply and sanitation, water security and stress (water demand and supply are part of this), concept of green, blue and grey water, water pollution, water and ecosystem

Method of examination for Paper II:

The method focuses on assessing candidate's critical thinking, expression and research abilities to understand his\her ability to do research in an interdisciplinary way.
Candidate would be given an article to read. There would be questions which a candidate has to answer. These questions are designed to assess the reading accuracy, analysis and interpretation, language comprehension and expression, background knowledge of the subject, summarization of the major ideas and ability to critique or challenge established ideas.

Eligibility criteria: - Minimum cut-off marks for admission is 60% with at least 50% marks in written tests.

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Contact Dr Fawzia Tarannum ( for any query related to PhD admission in the Department of Regional Water Studies.

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